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When you buy a chocolate- you buy emotional. Open the door to the world of chocolate truffles- each truffle is a delight worthy of true connoisseurs . The delicate chocolate, combined with exquisite fillings, creates a symphony of flavors that awakens all your senses. Create an atmosphere of comfort, savouring these masterpieces with a cup of aromatic coffee


Indulge in the exquisite world of handcrafted Chocolate Truffles, each one a masterpiece of rich, delicious chocolate with unique and tempting flavors.

Treat yourself to an irresistible experience – try them all!

When you want to give delicious chocolates for gifts, choose Dream Dessers.

Our chocolate gifts are the perfect present for any event including birthdays and anniversaries. Our chocolate gift boxes are bound to put a smile on your loved one’s face.


Dark  Chocolate collection


* Dark chocolate-Raspberry                

* Dark chocolate-Orange  

* Dark chocolate-Ginger-Rum


Chocolate truffles are hand made from premium Belgium chocolate, with sublimated berries, glazed orange and ginger, Rum (alcohol!)                



Box of 15 is

Milk Chocolate collection


* Milk chocolate-Almond- Amaretto  

* Milk chocolate- Hazelnuts- Coffee

* Milk chocolate-Baileys- Tiramisu  


Chocolate truffles are hand made from premium Belgian chocolate

Roasted almonds, hazelnut praline, almond praline, Baileys liquor, Coffee liquor, Amaretto liquor. Cacao. Sugars.


Box of 15 is

White Chocolate collection


* White chocolate-Almond-Coconut

* White chocolate- Mango - Coconut


Chocolate truffles are hand made from premium Belgian chocolate.

Roasted almonds, Coconut, Cream, Sugars.  Mango purée  




Box of 15 is